Expos Retro Dynasty Episode 2: “So Darn Fast”

Expos Retro Dynasty Episode 2: “So Darn Fast”

The 2nd episode of my Expos dynasty was supposed to be my home opener against the New York Mets. However, when I was set to play the game, I was brought to Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Apparently, MVP Baseball already loaded the Expos’ San Juan games into their schedule. Since I can’t change the venue I play at in this mode, I was kinda bummed out. I wanted to play a proper…

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Introducing: The Coliseum Baseball Tournament

Introducing: The Coliseum Baseball Tournament

I think baseball is cool. I also think pitting two random teams together to see who wins is cool. So the idea of hosting a MLB tournament on my YouTube channel using MLB 14: The Show seemed like a pretty cool thing to do.

I’ve taken 16 MLB teams that I like and have divided them evenly by geography into the Eastern Region and Western Region. Both regions will play a double-elimination format…

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The Raymond Simms Show is On The Air

The Raymond Simms Show is On The Air

The Raymond Simms Show logo
My new talk show is here! The Raymond Simms Show: Audio sports talk on a video medium!

This new show is the continuation of my previous show Podcast SC, but with a more sensible title. Before the launch of this site I had been laboring to figure out a new name for my talk show. In Late June, it finally hit me: Why not just use my own name?

This first episode talks about free agency in the…

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