One thing that’s always rubbed me the wrong way about the sports media is how blissfully ignorant sports writers/journalists are of Black culture. In a vacuum this isn’t a problem because if they’re only writing about sports then Black culture doesn’t matter. But when it comes to things off the field/court when things like culture start to matter, the writers have such a lack of understanding that it always creates issues. 

They’re leagues of Black men in their 20s and the people writing about them are 40 year old white guys for the most part and there’s a disconnect which affects their ability to cover the story fairly and thoroughly. 

We can go back to Iverson dropping 40 bars, or new shit like the AP story. When that AP story first broke this weekend I saw a zillion journalists like “WTF is a switch???”

Even David Aldridge noticed.


Or the Tennessee Titans writer who talked about the troublesome song “Fight Night Remix” that had lyrics mentioning “Beating the pussy up”. The writer said it was insensitive to play this song because of the domestic violence cases going on, completely missing the fact that beating the pussy up has nothing to do with violence. 


I mean those are just examples of shit going on right now. But its usually an ongoing thing all year long. 

I think there’s a lot of context missing from a media coverage standpoint. Sometimes its more troublesome than others. When you have that large of a fundamental gap in understanding the young men you’re writing about, it can lead to so many skewed narratives.

There are only so many Bomani Jones’ out there to fill the gaps.